Childcare Support Act 2018

Transitional provision

27. A person in receipt of financial support funded by the Minister in respect of a child under—

(a) the Childcare Education and Training Support programme,

(b) the After-School Childcare programme,

(c) the Community Employment Childcare programme,

(d) the Community Childcare Subvention programme, or

(e) the Community Childcare Subvention Plus programme,

shall continue to be paid the relevant financial support until—

(i) such payment ceases in accordance with the provisions of a programme referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) as may be appropriate, or the programme ceases to operate, or

(ii) the date from which financial support is to be paid under section 15 in respect of the child concerned,

whichever first occurs.