Companies (Accounting) Act 2017

Amendment of section 85 of Principal Act

8. Section 85 of the Principal Act is amended by the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (2):

“(2) If a company proposes to apply to the court for an order confirming the resolution, it shall cause notice of its intention to make such an application—

(a) to be advertised once at least in one daily newspaper circulating in the district where the registered office or principal place of business of the company is situated, and

(b) to be notified by electronic means to all creditors of the company who are resident, or have their principal place of business, outside the State,

and that advertisement and that notification shall indicate a means by which there will be notified by the company to any inquirer the date on which that hearing will take place (or any change in the date of such) and the company shall, accordingly, notify to any inquirer, by those means, the first-mentioned date on request being made by the inquirer therefor (and shall make satisfactory arrangements with the inquirer for the notification, by these means or such other means as may be agreed between them, to the inquirer of a change in that date).”.