Minerals Development Act 2017

Rehabilitation authority

134. (1) The Minister is the rehabilitation authority for each rehabilitation area.

(2) The rehabilitation authority shall prepare or adopt a rehabilitation plan in respect of each rehabilitation area and, if necessary, revise that plan.

(3) The rehabilitation authority has the power to do all things that are necessary or incidental to implement each rehabilitation plan and, without prejudice to the generality of this power, the authority may in respect of the rehabilitation area concerned—

(a) hire project managers, consultants and specialists,

(b) undertake an investigation of, and conduct tests in, the area,

(c) apply for and do all things necessary to obtain permissions or licences under any legislation,

(d) carry out remedial works, including those related to mine rehabilitation, associated structural engineering and road works in the area,

(e) divert, pump or treat water and ground water and construct, modify or repair settlement ponds in the area,

(f) arrange for the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste either within or outside the area, and

(g) conduct long-term monitoring and maintenance of the area.

(4) Nothing in this Part requires the rehabilitation authority to implement a rehabilitation plan.