S.I. No. 631/2016 - Private Security (Licensing and Training) (Provider of Protected Forms of Transport) (Cash-in-Transit) Regulations 2016.

Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in

“Iris Oifigiúil” of 30th December, 2016.

The Private Security Authority, in exercise of the powers conferred on it by section 51 (as amended by section 15 of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011 (No.23 of 2011)) of the Private Security Services Act 2004 (No.12 of 2004), with the consent of the Minister of Justice and Equality, hereby makes the following regulations:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Private Security (Licensing and Training) (Provider of Protected Forms of Transport) (Cash-in-Transit) Regulations 2016.

2. These Regulations come into operation on 1st April 2017.

3. In these Regulations—

“CIT” means cash which is subject to a protected form of transport;

“control centre” means a dedicated technical operational facility, operated by an employer, monitoring the operational security measures and procedures of the employer;

“employee” means a person who in the course of an employment with an employer—

(a) carries out the vehicular transportation of cash,

(b) processes cash,

(c) handles cash in a secure vault,

(d) carries out control centre activities, or

(e) supervises the performance of any of the duties referred to in paragraphs (a) to (d);

“employer” means a holder of a licence under the Private Security (Licensing and Standards) (Cash in Transit) Regulations 2007 ( S.I. No. 857 of 2007 ) as amended by S.I. No. 537 of 2014 and includes a person who is required to hold a licence under those Regulations;

“licence” means a licence of the category prescribed under Regulation 4;

“PSA 51:2016” means the relevant training to be undertaken by an employee entitled PSA Licensing Requirements — Training For Cash-In-Transit Employees.

4. A provider of protected forms of transport (cash-in-transit) licence is prescribed as a category of licence which may be granted by the Authority.

5. (1) A person commencing employment with an employer shall apply to the Authority for a licence before the commencement of the employment concerned.

(2) An applicant shall undertake the training prescribed in PSA 51:2016.

(3) The form set out in the Schedule is specified as the form of declaration of PSA 51:2016 training.

(4) An applicant shall furnish to the Authority not later than 2 weeks after the completion of the training referred to in Regulation 5 (2), a declaration in the form specified in paragraph (3) signed by the applicant and the training officer concerned.

(5) Where an employee changes employment to another employer he or she shall undertake the training contained in Part 1, Section G2 of PSA 51:2016.

6. The Private Security (Licensing and Training) (Provider of Protected Forms of Transport) (Cash-in-Transit) Regulations 2012 ( S.I. No 484 of 2012 ), as amended by S.I. 362 of 2015, are revoked.

7. The Private Security (Licence Fees) Regulations 2015 ( S.I. No 362 of 2015 ), as amended, are amended by the substitution of the following for regulation 3

“In these Regulations—

“applicant” means an individual who is an applicant for a licence;

“application” in relation to a licence, includes an application to renew a licence;

“category of licence” means a category of licence prescribed under the Private Security (Licensing and Qualifications) Regulations 2006 ( S.I. No. 468 of 2006 ), as amended, or the Private Security (Licensing and Training) (Provider of Protected Forms of Transport) (Cash-in-Transit) Regulations 2016 ( S.I. No. 631 of 2016 ).


Declaration of Training

CIT Company Headed Paper ONLY

Section 1. Employer DetailsCIT Contractor Licence Number: ______________

Section 2. Employee DetailsEmployee Name: ______________ PPSN: ______________ Date of Birth: ______________Date Employment Commenced: ______________ /______________ /______________Position Held(Vehicle Crew, Cash Processing, Cash Handling, Control Centre, Supervisor)______________

Section 3. Training DetailsDate Training Date Training TotalCommenced: ______________ /______________ /______________ Completed: ______________ /______________ /______________ Hours: ______________Induction Training Completed Yes ______________

Section 4. Assessment DetailsWritten Assessment:(please provide details of how the individuals knowledge was assessed and the results of the assessment process)______________ ______________ ______________Skills Demonstrations:(please provide outline and results of the skills demonstrations carried out by the individual)______________ ______________ ______________

Section 5. DeclarationI, ______________ being the designated Training Officer of ______________ confirm that ______________ has successfully completed all aspects of training, in accordance with PSA prescribed requirements, and has successfully completed all skills demonstrations and written assessments.TrainingOfficer: ______________ ______________ (Block Capitals) (Signature) Employee: ______________ ______________ (Block Capitals) (Signature)

The Minister for Justice and Equality consents to the making of the foregoing Regulations.


GIVEN under my Official Seal,

21 December 2016.


Minister for Justice and Equality.


GIVEN under the seal of the Private Security Authority,

21 December 2016.





Chief Executive.


(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation)

These Regulations prescribe new training requirements for new employees entering the cash-in- transit industry. These Regulations revoke S.I. 484 of 2012, as amended by S.I. 362 of 2015.