Statute Law Revision Act 2016

Statute Law Revision Act 2007: effect of provision made by it regarding a particular pre-Union statute

3. (1) In this section—

“Act of 2007” means the Statute Law Revision Act 2007 ;

“relevant statute” means the statute 40 Geo. 3 c.66, being an Act of the former Parliament of Ireland and reference to which occurs in Schedule 2 to the Act of 2007.

(2) Notwithstanding section 2(1), or any other provision, of the Act of 2007, the following provisions have effect in relation to the relevant statute:

(a) the relevant statute shall be deemed never to have been the subject of the repeals effected by the Act of 2007 and, accordingly, the relevant statute shall be deemed always to have been, and to be, a statute specified in Schedule 1 to the Act of 2007 (as distinct from a statute specified in Schedule 2 to that Act); and

(b) any act done, or proceeding taken, under the relevant statute at a time that fell on, or after, the passing of the Act of 2007 shall have the same validity as it would have had if this section had been in operation at that time.

(3) The relevant statute may be cited as the Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge Act 1800.