Finance Act 2015

Adjustments to returns

53. The Principal Act is amended—

(a) in section 76(4)(a)(i), by inserting “, or an adjustment to a return as referred to in section 77A,” after “or section 77”, and

(b) by inserting the following after section 77:

“Adjustments to returns

77A. (1) Where, following the submission to the Collector-General of a return (in this section referred to as an ‘original return’) required to be furnished under section 76 or 77, as appropriate, that return is adjusted by an accountable person by means of—

(a) a correction to the original return,

(b) a replacement of the original return, or

(c) a supplement to the original return,

(in this section and in section 76(4) referred to as an ‘adjustment to a return’) the provisions of any enactment relating to value-added tax shall apply to that adjustment to a return as if it were a return required to be furnished under section 76 or 77, as appropriate.

(2) Any adjustment to a return to which subsection (1) applies shall, where applicable, be deemed to be a claim for a refund of tax and be subject to the provisions of section 99.”.