Garda Síochána (Policing Authority and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2015

Amendment of section 36 of Principal Act

30. (1) Section 36 of the Principal Act is amended—

(a) in subsection (2) —

(i) by the deletion of paragraph (d), and

(ii) in paragraph (e), by the substitution of “local policing fora established in accordance with guidelines issued under section 35” for “local policing fora established under paragraph (d) or otherwise”,

(b) by the deletion of subsection (3), and

(c) in subsection (5)(b), by the insertion of “the Authority,” after “supply a copy of the report to”.

(2) Local policing fora that were established and in operation under section 36(2)(d) of the Principal Act or otherwise immediately before the commencement of this section may continue in operation after that commencement but, if they do so, they shall operate in accordance with guidelines issued under section 35 of that Act.