National Cultural Institutions (National Concert Hall) Act 2015


Board of NCH

Board of NCH

10. (1) The NCH shall have a Board consisting of a chairperson and 8 ordinary members appointed by the Minister.

(2) (a) The chairperson and ordinary members of the Board shall be appointed by the Minister, from among persons who, in the Minister’s opinion, have experience of, and expertise in matters connected to music, dance, the arts, finance, business, administration, marketing, fundraising, philanthropy, corporate governance, human resources or venue management.

(b) When making an appointment under paragraph (a) the Minister shall consult the chairperson of the Board in relation to the expertise that is required on the Board.

(c) The Minister shall have regard to any guidelines prepared by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform in relation to appointments to boards of State bodies.

(3) The Minister shall designate one member of the Board to be the chairperson.

(4) Of the members of the Board, not less than 4 shall be men and not less than 4 shall be women.

(5) The chairperson of the Board shall hold office for 5 years from the date of his or her appointment and shall not be eligible for re-appointment after serving 2 terms of 5 years (for which purpose chairmanship of the Board which occurred before the commencement of this section shall be taken into account).

(6) The persons first appointed as ordinary members shall hold office as follows:

(a) 3 members for a term of 3 years;

(b) 3 members for a term of 4 years;

(c) 2 members for a term of 5 years.

(7) Ordinary members who are to hold office for the periods specified in subsection (6) shall be selected by lot to be drawn in such manner as may be determined by the Minister.

(8) Subject to subsection (6), an ordinary member shall serve for a period of 5 years from the date of his or her appointment.

(9) A member of the Board, appointed under subsection (2), whose term of office expires or is about to expire by the effluxion of time is eligible for re-appointment to the Board, but may not serve on the Board for more than 2 consecutive terms.

(10) A member of the Board of the National Concert Hall Company who held office immediately before the establishment day shall cease to hold office upon such day but, subject to subsection (6), (7), (8) or (9), such a member shall be eligible to be appointed as a member of the Board under this section.