Marriage Act 2015

Dissolution and transitional

10. The Act of 2004 is amended by the insertion of the following Part before section 60:

“Part 7C

Dissolution and Transitional

Registration of dissolution of civil partnership on marriage

59K. Where a civil partnership which is registered in the register of civil partnerships stands dissolved by virtue of section 109A (inserted by section 11 of the Marriage Act 2015) of the Act of 2010 on the marriage of two persons solemnised under and in accordance with this Act, the registrar shall enter that dissolution as a particular in the entry concerning that civil partnership in that register.

Transitional provisions consequent on Marriage Act 2015

59L. (1) On the commencement of section 8 of the Marriage Act 2015, a notification of an intention to enter into a civil partnership given under section 59B and in force immediately before that commencement, may, if requested by the parties concerned, be taken to be and treated by a registrar as if it were a notification of their intention to marry given under section 46.

(2) Notwithstanding the commencement of section 8 of the Marriage Act 2015,the provisions of this Act referred to in that section shall continue to apply—

(a) where a civil partnership registration form was duly completed under section 59C and that form is valid under subsection (4) of that section immediately before that commencement, or

(b) in relation to a civil partnership registration in respect of which an objection under section 59F is made, whether the objection is made before or after that commencement.”.