Teaching Council (Amendment) Act 2015

Amendment of section 30 of Principal Act

9. The Principal Act is amended by the substitution of the following section for section 30 (amended by section 8 of the Education (Amendment) Act 2012)

“Employment of teacher in recognised school

30. Subject to subsection (8) of section 24 (inserted by section 6 of the Education (Amendment) Act 2012 ) of the Act of 1998, subsection (22) of section 33 (amended by section 14 of the Act of 2015), subsection (6A) (inserted by section 25 (g) of the Act of 2015) of section 44 and subsection (3A) (inserted by section 29 of the Act of 2015) of section 47, a person who is employed as a teacher in a recognised school but—

(a) is not a registered teacher, or

(b) stands removed or suspended from the register under Part 5,

shall not be remunerated in respect of his or her employment out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.”.