Roads Act 2015


Amendment of Roads Act 1993

Insertion of sections 15B and 15C into Act of 1993

20. The Act of 1993 is amended by inserting after section 15A the following:

“Power of Minister to specify national standards

15B. (1) The Minister may specify national standards in respect of the design, construction or maintenance of public roads.

(2) Any person, road authority or public authority carrying out works involving the design, construction or maintenance of public roads shall comply with the national standards (if any) specified by the Minister under subsection (1).

(3) The Minister may request the Authority to amend any standards specified by it under section 19(1)(e) and the Authority shall comply with any such request.

Power of Minister to request information from road authority

15C. The Minister may request a road authority to furnish him or her with such information as he or she may require in connection with any of the authority’s functions in relation to regional and local roads, under this Act, and the authority shall comply with any such request.”.