Fines (Payment and Recovery) Act 2014

Cesser of attachment order

17. (1) At any time while the attachment order is in force, the fined person may elect to pay the remaining balance of the fine and, on so doing—

(a) the order shall be deemed to have been revoked, and

(b) the Courts Service shall give notice in writing to the employer to whom the order is directed of such revocation.

(2) The attachment order shall cease to have effect—

(a) when the terms of the order have been complied with by the employer and all sums have been paid over to the court in accordance with the order,

(b) when the employer is given a notice under subsection (1),

(c) subject to section 15 (5), if the employer is not the fined person’s employer at the time when the service of the order is effected, or

(d) subject to section 15 (6) and (7), when the employer to whom the order is directed ceases to be the employer of the fined person.