Merchant Shipping (Registration of Ships) Act 2014

Appointment of registrars of ships

17. (1) The Minister may designate such of his or her officers, officers of the Revenue Commissioners, officers of another Minister of the Government and officers of a State agency, with the approval of the Revenue Commissioners, the other Minister of the Government or the State agency, as the case may be, to be registrars of ships for the purposes of this Act.

(2) Notwithstanding the repeal of the Act of 1955, and subject to subsection (3), any person who immediately before the commencement of this section holds the position of registrar of ships under section 23 of the Act of 1955 shall continue to be a registrar of ships as if designated under this section.

(3) The Minister may remove an officer from the role of registrar of ships for stated reasons.

(4) The Minister may prescribe the functions of the registrar of ships in relation to the administration of the Register and any other functions as the Minister may specify in relation to the registration of ships under this Act including any of the matters referred to in subsection (5).

(5) The Minister may issue directions to registrars of ships, from time to time, as necessary and such directions may relate to all or any of the following:

(a) the processing of ship registration applications under this Act;

(b) the forms, books and procedures to be used in the registration process;

(c) the granting of certificates of registry;

(d) the application process for ship registration;

(e) the requirements in relation to ship registration entries on the Register generally, including but not limited to entries relating to mortgages;

(f) the transfer of a ship or a share in a ship, ownership, flag and mortgages;

(g) the making of entries in the Register relating to death, bankruptcy and other special circumstances;

(h) the making of entries in the Register on foot of orders of a court of law, under power of attorney or on liquidation of companies;

(i) the registration in the Register of renewal applications;

(j) the making of alterations in the Register including change in the name of a ship;

(k) the removal of a ship from the Register; and

(l) matters relating to enforcement of this Act.

(6) A registrar of ships may make any enquiries deemed necessary in relation to an application for registration of a ship.

(7) A registrar of ships shall not be liable to damages or otherwise for any loss accruing to any person by reason of any act done or default by him or her in his or her capacity as registrar of ships, unless the same has happened through his or her neglect or wilful act.