Companies Act 2014

Appeals to and orders of the court, including orders confirming decisions of Supervisory Authority

941. (1) In an appeal under section 933 (9) or (11) or section 934 (10), the court may consider any evidence adduced or argument made, whether or not adduced or made to the Supervisory Authority or other body whose decision is under appeal.

(2) On the hearing of such an appeal, the court may make any order or give any direction it thinks fit, including an order—

(a) confirming the decision under appeal, or

(b) modifying or annulling that decision.

(3) On application under section 933 (4) for an order granting permission for an investigation under section 934 into a possible breach of a prescribed accountancy body's rules by a member, the court may—

(a) grant or refuse to grant permission, and

(b) make any ancillary or consequential order it thinks fit, including, if permission is granted, an order setting aside any decision of the body relating to the member.

(4) A decision of the Supervisory Authority annulling all or part of a decision of a prescribed accountancy body under section 933 (5)(a), directing a fresh investigation under section 934 (5)(b), specifying an amount of costs under section 933 (6) or requiring the payment of an amount under section 933 (5)(c) or 934 (7) does not take effect until that decision is confirmed by the court either—

(a) on appeal under section 933 (9) or 934 (10), or

(b) on application by the Supervisory Authority under subsection (5).

(5) On application by motion on notice by the Supervisory Authority for an order confirming a decision referred to in subsection (4), the court may make an order confirming the decision or may refuse to make such an order.

(6) On application under section 906 (4) for an order compelling compliance with—

(a) a rule adopted or guideline issued by the Supervisory Authority,

(b) a term or condition of recognition, or

(c) an obligation or obligations referred to in that subsection,

the court may make any order or give any direction it thinks fit.