Companies Act 2014

Registration of judgments given in insolvency proceedings

1419. (1) Without prejudice to Article 16(1) of the Insolvency Regulation, a liquidator appointed in insolvency proceedings who intends—

(a) to request under Article 21 of the Insolvency Regulation that notice of the judgment opening the proceedings and, where appropriate, the decision appointing him or her be published in the State; or

(b) to take any other action in the State under the Insolvency Regulation;

shall deliver to the Registrar a certified copy of the judgment and, where appropriate, of the decision appointing the liquidator.

(2) Registration under subsection (1) may also be effected by the Registrar on application by a liquidator who does not intend to take any action in the State under the Insolvency Regulation.

(3) The certified copy or copies mentioned in subsection (1) shall be accompanied by—

(a) if the judgment or decision is not expressed in the Irish or the English language, a translation, certified to be correct by a person competent to do so, into either of those languages;

(b) the prescribed form; and

(c) the prescribed fee.

(4) The Registrar shall issue a certificate of registration to the liquidator.

(5) In any proceedings a document purporting to be—

(a) a certified copy of a judgment opening insolvency proceedings or a decision appointing a liquidator in such proceedings, or

(b) a translation of such a document which is certified as correct by a person competent to do so,

shall, without further proof, be admissible as evidence of the judgment, the liquidator's appointment or the translation, unless the contrary is shown.