Companies Act 2014



Section 14 .

Subject matter

Provision applied

Interpretation generally

Section 2

Periods of time

Section 3

Definition of “subsidiary”

Section 7

Definitions of “holding company”, “wholly owned subsidiary” and “group of companies”

Section 8

Construction of references to directors, board of directors and interpretation of certain other plural forms

Section 11

Amendment of constitution by special resolution and publication of certain notices

Section 32 (3) and section 33 (1)(b) to (h) and (2)

Registered person

Section 39

Persons authorised to bind company

Section 40

Pre-incorporation contracts

Section 45

Registered office of company

Section 50

Service of documents

Section 51

Share premium

Section 71 (5)

Restriction of Section 71 (5) in the case of mergers

Section 72

Restriction of Section 71 (5) in the case of group reconstructions

Section 73

Supplementary provisions in relation to sections 72 and 73

Section 74

Financial assistance for acquisition of shares

Section 82

Reduction in company capital and associated provisions and court procedures

Sections 84 to 87

Rectification of dealings in shares

Section 100

Acquisition of own shares

Chapter 6 of Part 3


Chapter 7 of Part 3

Access to documents during business hours

Section 127

Validity of acts of director or secretary

Section 135

Register of directors and secretaries

Section 149

Supplemental provisions (including offences) in relation to section 149

Section 150

Particulars to be shown on all business letters of company

Section 151

Summary Approval Procedure

Chapter 7 of Part 4 (in so far as it relates to sections 82 , 84 and 239 )

Remedy in case of oppression

Section 212

Form of registers, minutes, etc.

Section 213

Use of computers, etc. for certain company records

Section 214

Inspection of registers, provision of copies of information in them and service of notices

Chapter 10 of Part 4 (in so far as it relates to provisions applied by section 1312 )

Power of court to grant relief to officers of company

Section 233

Anticipated claim: similar power of relief as under section 229

Section 234

Any provision exempting officers of company from liability void (subject to exceptions)

Section 235

Evidential provisions with respect to loans, other transactions, etc., between company and directors

Chapter 3 of Part 5

Substantive prohibitions or restrictions on loans to directors and other particular transactions involving conflict of interest

Chapter 4 of Part 5

Disclosure of interests in shares and debentures

Chapter 5 of Part 5

Meaning of “in default” in context of sanctions specified in respect of officers (whether directors or secretaries or not)

Section 270

Presumption that default permitted and certain defence

Section 271

Financial statements, annual return and audit

Part 6

Definition ( Part 7 )

Section 408

Registration of charges and priority

Chapter 2 of Part 7


Part 10


Part 13

Court may order compliance by company or officer

Section 797

Disclosure orders

Chapter 2 of Part 14

Restrictions on, and disqualification of, directors

Chapters 3 to 6 of Part 14

Provisions relating to offences generally

Chapter 7 of Part 14

Additional general offences

Chapter 8 of Part 14

Evidential matters

Chapter 9 of Part 14


Section 889

Inspection and production of documents kept by Registrar

Section 891

Admissibility of certified copy or extract

Section 892

Certificate by Registrar admissible as evidence of facts stated

Section 893

Capacity of a PLC

Section 1011

Official seal for sealing securities

Section 1017

Share capital

Chapter 3 of Part 17

Interests in shares: disclosure of individual and group acquisitions

Chapter 4 of Part 17

Mergers and divisions

Chapters 16 and 17 of Part 17

Public Offers of Securities, Financial Reporting by Traded Companies, Prevention of Market Abuse, etc.

Part 23 (other than section 1374 )