Appropriation Act 2014


Number 35 of 2014


1. Appropriation of sums voted for supply services, totalling €42,657,904,000

2. Deferred surrender relating to capital supply services, totalling €79,044,000

3. Repayable advances from the Central Fund

4. Amendment of section 3 of Appropriation Act 1999

5. Short title


Appropriation of Sums Voted for Supply Services


Deferred Surrender Relating to Capital Supply Services

Acts Referred to

Appropriation Act 1999 (No. 34)

Central Fund (Permanent Provisions) Act 1965 (No. 26)

Finance Act 2004 (No. 8)

Public Accounts and Charges Act 1891 (55 Vict, c. 24)

Superannuation Acts 1834 to 2004


Number 35 of 2014


An Act to appropriate to the proper supply services and purposes sums granted by the Central Fund (Permanent Provisions) Act 1965 , to make provision in relation to deferred surrender to the Central Fund of certain undischarged appropriations by reference to the capital supply services and purposes as provided for by section 91 of the Finance Act 2004 and, for the purpose of maintaining a sufficient amount of moneys in the Paymaster General’s supply account so as to enable the discharge of particular liabilities, to make provision for repayable advances from the Central Fund, and to provide for related matters.

[19 th December, 2014]

Be it enacted by the Oireachtas as follows: