Health Service Executive (Financial Matters) Act 2014

Amendment of section 32 of Act of 2004

9. Section 32 of the Act of 2004 is amended—

(a) by inserting the following subsections after subsection (1):

(1A) Subject to subsection (1B), after amending a section 30A(1)determination, the Minister may—

(a) direct the Executive to amend, in such manner as the Minister may specify in the direction, the approved service plan to which the determination relates, or

(b) direct the Executive to submit an amended service plan that complies with the amended determination.

(1B) The Minister shall not, in the financial year 2014, give a direction under subsection (1A) except in respect of—

(a) a service plan for the financial year 2015, or

(b) a service plan for part of the financial year 2015.”,

(b) in subsection (2), by substituting “Subject to subsection (4), the Executive” for “The Executive”, and

(c) in subsection (3), by substituting “subsection (1) or (1A)(b) ” for “subsection (1) ”.