Pyrite Resolution Act 2013


16. (1) The Housing Agency shall consider an application referred to it under section 15 (6)(a) and may arrange for the testing of a dwelling by a competent person to establish the cause and level of damage to the dwelling.

(2) The Housing Agency, having considered any report of a competent person under subsection (1) (in this Act referred to as a “verification report”) and all information contained in the application, shall furnish a recommendation to the decision maker including reasons therefor, to—

(a) include the dwelling the subject of the application in the pyrite remediation scheme, or

(b) exclude the dwelling from that scheme.

(3) A recommendation to the decision maker under subsection (2)(a) may include a recommendation as to the priority that may be afforded to the remediation of the dwelling having regard to those criteria under the pyrite remediation scheme that the Housing Agency considers appropriate to be applied.

(4) The Housing Agency, in its recommendation under subsection (2), may report on the existence of circumstances, which may or may not apply to the dwelling the subject of the recommendation, that in its opinion could be considered exceptional circumstances under section 17 .