Pyrite Resolution Act 2013


Pyrite Remediation Scheme

Making of pyrite remediation scheme

13. (1) The Board shall, as soon as may be after the establishment day, prepare a draft scheme for pyrite remediation and shall furnish the draft scheme to the Minister for his or her approval.

(2) The Minister may give notice to the Board that the draft scheme is approved and direct the Board to make the scheme.

(3) On receipt of the notice of the Minister under subsection (2), the Board shall make the scheme for pyrite remediation (in this Act referred to as the “pyrite remediation scheme”).

(4) The Board shall give notice of the making of the pyrite remediation scheme to the Minister who shall cause the scheme to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas as soon as may be after it is made.

(5) The pyrite remediation scheme may be amended or revoked and replaced by a subsequent scheme prepared, furnished and approved under this section.

(6) The Board shall publish the pyrite remediation scheme and any amendment or replacement thereof in such manner, including by electronic means, as it sees fit.