Houses of the Oireachtas (Inquiries, Privileges and Procedures) Act 2013

Inquiry to be held in public.

31.— (1) The taking of evidence during the Part 2 inquiry shall be conducted in public and may be broadcast to the public except in any case where—

(a) the committee is satisfied that it is desirable for the purposes of the inquiry or fair procedures to hear all or part of the evidence of a witness, or matters related to that evidence, otherwise than in public, or

(b) the chairman of the committee gives a direction, in the interests of fair procedures, to discontinue the broadcasting or public sitting.

(2) The deliberations of the committee in respect of the inquiry shall be done otherwise than in public unless otherwise determined by the committee.

(3) Privilege against defamation shall not apply to the publication by a person (not being a member of a House) of evidence given, or a deliberation done, otherwise than in public contrary to this section.