Ombudsman (Amendment) Act 2012

Amendment of Ombudsman for Children Act 2002.

22.— The Ombudsman for Children Act 2002 is amended—

(a) in section 2—

(i) in subsection (1), by substituting for the definition of “public body” the following:

“ ‘public body’ means a body specified in or under the First Schedule to the Act of 1980 or a reviewable agency by virtue of an order under section 1A of that Act, but only to the extent that and in relation to functions in respect of which the body is subject to the Act of 1980;”,


(ii) in subsection (6)(c), by deleting “other than in sections 14 to 16,”,

(b) in section 9(1)(c), by deleting “specified in Schedule 2”,

(c) by repealing section 10(7),

(d) in section 15, by substituting “reviewable agency (within the meaning of that Act) concerned” for “Department of State, or other person specified in Part 1 of the First Schedule to that Act, concerned”, and

(e) by repealing Schedules 1 and 2.