Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012

CVR information system and CVR records.

28.— (1) For the purposes of this Part, and such other purposes as the Minister may prescribe, the Authority may establish and maintain a computerised information system linking CVR test operators, the Authority and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

(2) The information system referred to in subsection (1) shall facilitate the direct and simultaneous transfer of data generated by test equipment at CVR testing centres to persons having access to the system and the sharing and exchange of information relating to CVR testing.

(3) The Authority may allow access to, and use of, the system to—

(a) the Garda Síochána,

(b) the National Roads Authority,

(c) persons or categories of person with the approval of the Minister in fulfilling obligations under European Union and other international enactments and agreements for the exchange of driver and vehicle information,

(d) such training service providers as the Minister prescribes under section 4 (2)(g), and

(e) such other person or categories of person and the purpose for such access as may be prescribed by the Minister.

(4) The Minister may make regulations in relation to the use of information transferred, shared and exchanged under this section.

(5) The Authority may fix and charge an annual fee, not exceeding such amount as may, for the time being, stand prescribed by the Minister, payable by an authorised CVR test operator to the Authority to cover the cost of the establishment and maintenance of the information system established under subsection (1).

(6) Any records, documentation and data kept by a CVR test operator in connection with the carrying out of CVR tests are the property of the Authority and the Authority may inspect and recover from the CVR test operator any of such records, documentation or data as the Authority considers appropriate.

(7) A person who removes, destroys, or otherwise interferes with records, documentation or data referred to in subsection (6) commits an offence.