Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012

CVR testers.

17.— (1) The Minister may, on an application to him or her, authorise a person to be a CVR tester where the person—

(a) complies with any regulations referred to in section 4 (2)(f), and

(b) is, having regard to section 12 , a fit and proper person to be so authorised.

(2) A person who is on the register of persons maintained by an issuing authority in accordance with Regulation 9(1)(b) of the Regulations of 2004 immediately before the commencement of this section is authorised as a CVR tester.

(3) An authorisation as a CVR tester under subsection (2) expires at the end of 18 months after the commencement of this section.

(4) The Minister may establish and maintain a register of persons authorised as CVR testers under this section.

(5) The register established under subsection (4) may include details of a suspension under section 18 and a revocation under section 19 .

(6) For the purposes of this section, the Minister may prescribe—

(a) the form of an authorisation as a CVR tester,

(b) the manner and form of application,

(c) the documents and supporting information necessary to accompany an application, and

(d) the fee to accompany an application.