Social Welfare And Pensions (No. 2) Act 2009

Supplementary welfare allowance — amendments.

12.— Section 187 (as amended by section 14 of the Act of 2008) of the Principal Act is amended by—

(a) inserting the following definition:

“ ‘ institution ’ means—

(a) a hospital, convalescent home or home for persons suffering from physical or mental disability or accommodation ancillary to such hospital or home,

(b) any premises providing residence, maintenance or care for the persons therein,

(c) a prison or place of detention, or

(d) a prescribed institution;”,


(b) substituting the following definition for the definition of “ mortgage interest ”:

“ ‘ mortgage interest ’ means the proportion of any amount payable by a person to a mortgage lender which is for the time being attributable to interest payable under an agreement entered into by that person with the mortgage lender for the purpose of defraying money employed in the purchase, repair or essential improvement of the sole or main residence of that person or to pay off another loan used for that purpose but does not include—

(a) interest payable in relation to such agreement by virtue of a delay or default in making a repayment under that agreement, or

(b) the aggregate of—

(i) any relief for interest due to the person under section 244 (as amended by section 3 of the Finance Act 2009 ) of the Act of 1997, and

(ii) any mortgage allowance or mortgage subsidy attributable to interest which may be payable by a local authority on behalf of the person under the Housing Acts 1963 to 2009.”.