Foyle and Carlingford Fisheries Act 2007

Restrictions on number of licences.

8.— The Act of 1952 is amended by the substitution for section 14 of the following section:

“Restrictions on number of licences.

14.— (1) The number of fishing licences which may be issued by the Commission in any year for fishing with fishing engines of any kind (other than rod and line) in—

(a) the tidal waters of the Foyle Area, or

(b) the tidal waters of the Carlingford Area, or

(c) any prescribed part of those waters,

shall not exceed such number as may be prescribed in relation to those waters or that part.

(2) If the number of applications duly made for licences in any year exceeds the maximum number prescribed by virtue of this section, the licences shall be allocated in such manner as may be prescribed.”.