Foyle and Carlingford Fisheries Act 2007

Close seasons and times.

11.— (1) The Act of 1952 is amended in section 28 by the insertion, after subsection (4) of the following subsections:

“(5) Different periods may be prescribed under this section in respect of different kinds of fish and, where a period is so prescribed for a particular kind of fish, references in this Act to the annual close season, the annual close season for angling or the weekly close time shall, as the case may require, be construed in relation to that kind of fish as references to the period so prescribed.

(6) Regulations may provide that this section and sections 29 and 30 shall not apply to fish of a prescribed kind.”.

(2) The Act of 1952 is amended in sections 29 and 30 after the words “salmon or trout” wherever those words occur there shall be inserted the words “or any other fish of a kind prescribed for the purposes of this section”.

(3) The Act of 1952 is amended in section 34 for the words “annual close season or weekly close time” there shall be substituted the words “annual close season for salmon or trout or weekly close time for salmon or trout”.

(4) The Act of 1952 is amended in section 35 by the deletion of subsection (4).