International Criminal Court Act 2006

Execution of arrest warrants.

23.— (1) A member of the Garda Síochána may execute a warrant issued under section 20 or 22 even if the warrant is not in the member's possession.

(2) The member executing the warrant shall show the warrant to the arrested person and give him or her a copy of it—

(a) at the time of the arrest, or

(b) if the warrant or copy is not then in the member's possession, within 24 hours after the arrest.

(3) For the purpose of arresting a person under the warrant the member may enter (by force, if necessary) and search any place where the person is or where the member, with reasonable cause, suspects the person to be.

(4) The arrested person shall be brought before the High Court as soon as possible and be provided, where necessary, with a competent interpreter.

(5) The Court shall order that legal aid be provided for the arrested person if it appears to it that the person's means are insufficient to enable him or her to obtain such aid.

(6) On the making of such an order the arrested person shall be entitled to free legal aid in the proceedings and for that purpose section 3 of the Criminal Justice (Legal Aid) Act 1962 shall apply, with the necessary modifications, in relation to the person as if he or she had been granted a legal aid (trial on indictment) certificate under that section.