Criminal Justice Act 2006

New section 4B in Principal Act.

34.— The following section is inserted in the Principal Act after section 4:

“Firearms range inspectors.

4B.—(1) The Minister may by warrant appoint such and so many persons as he or she thinks necessary to be firearms range inspectors and may revoke any such appointment.

(2) It shall be the duty of a firearms range inspector—

(a) to examine applications for the authorisation of rifle and pistol shooting ranges, and

(b) to inspect rifle and pistol shooting ranges for the purpose of ensuring their compliance with the minimum standards provided for in regulations under section 4A(13) of this Act.

(3) After inspecting a rifle or pistol shooting range, an inspector may—

(a) if satisfied that the range complies with those minimum standards, issue a firearms range certificate in respect of it, and

(b) if not so satisfied, refuse to issue such a certificate or revoke any such certificate that is in force.

(4) An inspector who suspects, with reasonable cause, that any place is being used for rifle or pistol target shooting may enter and inspect it.

(5) The Minister shall issue to each inspector the warrant of appointment, or a copy of it, for production, on request, when an inspector is exercising any power conferred by this section.

(6) The terms and conditions of appointment of firearms range inspectors shall be determined by the Minister, with the consent of the Minister for Finance.”.