Criminal Justice Act 2006

New section 76A in Act of 2001.

132.— The following section is inserted in the Act of 2001 after section 76, but in Part 8:

“Powers of Court in criminal proceedings against child.

76A.—(1) In any criminal proceedings against a child the Court may exercise any of the following powers conferred on it by this Part, namely, power—

(a) under section 76B, to request the attendance of a representative of the Health Service Executive,

(b) under section 76C, to dismiss the case on its merits,

(c) under section 77, to direct the Health Service Executive to convene a family welfare conference in respect of the child and, pending its outcome, to make an emergency care order or a supervision order under the Act of 1991 in respect of the child, or

(d) under section 78, to direct the probation and welfare service to arrange for the convening of a family conference in respect of the child.

(2) Subsection (1) is without prejudice to the power of the Court to deal with the case in any other way if it is satisfied that to do so would be in the interests of justice.”.