Criminal Justice Act 2006

Temporary release of prisoners.

108.—(1) A direction in respect of a person aged 18 years or more may be subject to a condition restricting the person’s movements to such extent as the Minister thinks fit and specifies in the direction and those restrictions may be monitored electronically in accordance with subsection (4).

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), a direction may include provision—

(a) requiring the person to be in such place or places as may be specified for such period or periods in each day or week as may be specified, or

(b) requiring the person not to be in such place or places, or such class or classes of place or places, at such time or during such periods, as may be specified,

or both, but the Minister may not, under paragraph (a), require the person to be in any place or places for a period or periods of more than 12 hours in any one day.

(3) A direction shall not be subject to a condition which restricts the movements of a person in accordance with subsection (2)(a) without the consent of the owner of, or any adult person habitually residing at, the place or places concerned or, as the case may be, the person in charge of the place or places concerned.

(4) Where the restrictions on a person’s movements imposed by a condition in a direction are to be monitored electronically, the direction shall include—

(a) a provision making an authorised person responsible for monitoring the person’s compliance with the condition and the condition referred to in paragraph (b), and

(b) a condition that the person shall, either continuously or for such periods of not more than 6 months as may be specified have an electronic monitoring device attached to his or her person for the purpose of enabling the monitoring of his or her compliance with the condition restricting his or her movements to be carried out.

(5) A condition shall not be imposed under subsection (1) or (4)(b) unless the person concerned agrees to comply with it, but the absence of such agreement shall not confer an entitlement on that person to be released pursuant to a direction.