Criminal Justice Act 2006

Documentary evidence in relation to offenders.

107.—(1) Evidence of the presence or absence of the offender in or from a particular place at a particular time may, subject to the provisions of this section, be given by the production of a document or documents being—

(a) a statement produced automatically or otherwise by a device, prescribed by regulations under section 111 , by which the offender’s whereabouts were electronically monitored, and

(b) a certificate signed by an authorised person who is responsible under section 102 for monitoring the offender’s compliance with the order that the statement relates to the whereabouts of the offender at the dates and times shown in the statement.

(2) The statement and certificate mentioned in subsection (1) shall, when produced at a hearing, be evidence, until the contrary is shown, of the facts set out in them.

(3) Neither the statement nor the certificate mentioned in subsection (1) shall be admissible in evidence unless a copy of both has been served on the offender prior to the hearing.