National Economic and Social Development Office Act 2006


2.— In this Act—

“ body ” means a body established by or under this Act;

“ Centre ” means National Centre for Partnership and Performance established by section 6 (2);

“ Chief Officer ” means the chief officer of the Office;

“ Council ” means National Economic and Social Council established by section 6 (2);

“ Director ” means the director of a body (other than the Office);

“ Forum ” means National Economic and Social Forum established by section 6 (2);

“ Office ” means National Economic and Social Development Office established by section 6 (1);

“social partners” means persons participating in arrangements put in place by the Government to assist in the formation of economic and social policy, and which the Taoiseach considers to be representative of the main business and employer, trade union, farming and community and voluntary sectors and, in particular, those organisations or persons which enter into arrangements approved by the Government, from time to time, to promote economic and social development through the co-ordination of their respective activities, and “social partnership” shall be construed accordingly;

“ superannuation benefits ” means pensions, gratuities and other allowances payable on resignation, retirement or death.