Employment Permits Act 2006

Application for employment permit.

4.— (1) An application for the grant of an employment permit in respect of the employment in the State of a particular foreign national may be made, other than in a case referred to in subsection (2), by—

(a) the person proposing to employ the foreign national, or

(b) subject to subsection (3), the foreign national.

(2) In a case falling within section 2(1A)(b) or (c) of the Act of 2003, such an application may be made by, as appropriate—

(a) the contractor referred to in that subsection, or

(b) any person party to the arrangement concerned relating to the foreign national.

(3) A foreign national may not make an application under this section in respect of his or her employment in the State unless an offer of employment in the State has been made in writing to him or her within such period preceding the application as may be prescribed.

(4) An application under this section by a foreign national in respect of his or her employment in the State is referred to subsequently in this Act as an “application by a foreign national”.