Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Condition for receipt (optional contributors).

[1993 (No. 2) s8(a)]

63.—(1) It shall be a condition for the receipt of unemployment benefit in respect of any day by a person engaged in share fishing that—

(a) it is not a day on which he or she is engaged in share fishing and it is a day in respect of which he or she makes reasonable efforts to obtain such work, and

(b) there was no work on, or in connection with, the fishing vessel of which he or she is a member of the crew available for him or her on that day because—

(i) as a consequence of weather conditions, the fishing vessel could not reasonably have put to sea for the purposes of fishing, or

(ii) the fishing vessel was undergoing repairs or maintenance, not being repairs or maintenance constituting work within the meaning of subsection (2).

[1993 (No. 2) s8(a)]

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), work includes any work done to the fishing vessel or its nets or gear by way of repairs (including running repairs) or maintenance, or in connection with the laying up of nets and gear or their preparation for fishing which at the time of its performance is necessary for the safety or reasonable efficiency of the fishing vessel, or is likely to become so necessary in the near future, and which it is the duty of a person engaged in share fishing (whether by agreement, custom, practice or otherwise) to undertake without remuneration other than by way of a share in the profits or the gross earnings of the working of the fishing vessel, but any other work done to the fishing vessel or its nets or gear, shall be disregarded.