Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Chapter 7

Description of Benefits

Description of benefits.

[1993 s30(1); 2005 (SW&P) s26 & Sch 4]

39.—(1) Benefits under this Part shall be of the following descriptions and are so described in this Act—

(a) disability benefit,

(b) maternity benefit,

(c) health and safety benefit,

(d) adoptive benefit,

(e) unemployment benefit,

(f) occupational injuries benefit,

(g) carer's benefit,

(h) old age (contributory) pension,

(i) retirement pension,

(j) invalidity pension,

(k) widow's (contributory) pension and widower's (contributory) pension,

(l) orphan's (contributory) allowance,

(m) bereavement grant,

(n) widowed parent grant (paid by virtue of receipt of a benefit under Part 2).

[1993 s30(2)]

(2) Subject to section 138 and so long as that section remains in force, benefit shall, in addition to including the benefits referred to in subsection (1), also include treatment benefit under that section.