Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Appeals and references to appeals officers.

[1993 s257(1)]

311.—(1) Where any person is dissatisfied with the decision given by a deciding officer, the question shall, on notice of appeal being given to the Chief Appeals Officer within the prescribed time, be referred to an appeals officer.

[1993 s257(2)]

(2) Regulations may provide for the procedure to be followed on appeals and references under this Part.

[1993 s257(3); 2005 (SW&P) s23 & Sch 1]

(3) An appeals officer, when deciding a question referred under subsection (1) or section 312 , shall not be confined to the grounds on which the decision of the deciding officer, or the determination of the employee of the Executive, as the case may require, was based, but may decide the question as if it were being decided for the first time.