Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Appeals to Circuit Court.

[1997 s34; 1999 s29(1)]

307.—(1) Whenever a person has appealed a decision of a deciding officer then, where the Chief Appeals Officer certifies that the ordinary appeals procedures set out in this Chapter are inadequate to secure the effective processing of that appeal, the Chief Appeals Officer shall cause a direction to be issued to the person who has submitted the appeal directing the person to submit the appeal not later than 21 days from receipt of the direction to the Circuit Court and the Circuit Court may, on hearing the appeal as it thinks proper, affirm the decision or substitute the decision of the deciding officer in accordance with this Act and on the same evidence as would otherwise be available to the Appeals Officer.

[1997 s34]

(2) The appellant shall give notice of the appeal as submitted to the Circuit Court to the deciding officer.

[1997 s34]

(3) No appeal shall lie from a decision of the Circuit Court on an appeal under this section.