Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Entitlement to respite care grant.

[2005 (SW&P) s7(1)]

225.—(1) Subject to subsections (2) and (5), an annual grant (in this Act referred to as a “respite care grant”) in the amount €1,000 shall be payable to a carer in respect of each relevant person in his or her care and only one such annual grant shall be payable in respect of a relevant person.

[2005 (SW&P) s7(1)]

(2) Subject to subsections (3) and (4), a grant shall not be payable to a carer where—

(a) he or she engages in employment or self-employment, or

(b) he or she is entitled to or in receipt of unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance, or

(c) he or she is a person to whom article 58 of the Regulations of 1996 applies in respect of proven unemployment, or

(d) he or she is entitled to or is in receipt of an allowance for domiciliary care of children under section 61 of the Health Act 1970 (other than where the carer is also in receipt of or entitled to carer’s benefit or carer’s allowance), or

(e) the relevant person is resident in an institution.

[2005 (SW&P) s7(1)]

(3) The Minister may by regulations provide that a carer may engage in employment or self-employment subject to the limitations in relation to the hours or remuneration that may be prescribed and subject to the conditions and in the circumstances that may be prescribed.

[2005 (SW&P) s7(1)]

(4) The Minister may by regulations provide for entitling to a respite care grant a carer who would be entitled to the grant but for the fact that the relevant person is temporarily resident in an institution or temporarily residing with another person.

[2005 (SW&P) s7(1)]

(5) Regulations made under this section may provide for the date in each year on which a respite care grant shall become payable to a carer.