Garda Síochána Act 2005

Annual report.

46.— (1) Not later than 4 months after the end of each year, the Garda Commissioner shall submit to the Minister a report, in such form as the Minister may direct, on the policing of the State during that year.

(2) The report must include an account of the following:

(a) the implementation of the policing plan for the year to which the report relates;

(b) the performance of the Garda Síochána’s functions during that year;

(c) the achievement of the performance targets established under section 20 for the year;

(d) the implementation of any directives under section 25 laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas during the year;

(e) any other matter that the Garda Commissioner thinks fit.

(3) As soon as practicable and not later than 30 days after receiving the report, the Minister shall cause a copy of it to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.