Garda Síochána Act 2005

Strategy statement.

21.— (1) Every 3 years or as directed under subsection (6), the Garda Commissioner shall submit to the Minister for his or her approval a strategy statement for the Garda Síochána and for the policing of the State for the following 3 years.

(2) The strategy statement must be prepared in such form and manner as the Minister may direct and must include the following:

(a) a mission statement;

(b) medium term objectives, the strategies to achieve those objectives and the expected outputs and outcomes;

(c) an identification of issues of concern to Departments of State and agencies in the State and a plan for managing those issues.

(3) In preparing the strategy statement, the Garda Commissioner shall have regard to the following matters:

(a) relevant Government policy;

(b) the priorities determined by the Minister under section 20 ;

(c) the resources expected to be available to the Garda Síochána for the period to which the statement relates, and

(d) the need to ensure the most beneficial, effective and efficient use of those resources.

(4) The Minister shall approve the strategy statement—

(a) in the form of the draft submitted, or

(b) with such amendments as the Minister, after consulting with the Garda Commissioner, may determine.

(5) As soon as practicable after approving the strategy statement, the Minister shall cause a copy of it to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.

(6) The Minister may direct that the strategy statement be submitted at shorter intervals than every 3 years and cover a shorter period than 3 years.