Garda Síochána Act 2005

Continuation of certain regulations and orders.

128.— (1) The regulations and orders made or continued under an enactment repealed by section 4 continue in force until they are revoked by the Minister under this section or others are made in their place under this Part.

(2) The Minister may, with the approval of the Government, amend or revoke an order or regulation continued in force under this section.

(3) Any proceedings relating to a member of the Garda Síochána that were commenced but are not concluded under the 1989 Regulations before their revocation pursuant to subsection (2) may be continued under those Regulations as though no provision of them had been revoked.

(4) If in relation to proceedings that by virtue of this section are continued under the 1989 Regulations a decision is made by an inquiry held under Regulation 14 or by the Garda Commissioner under Regulation 23(1), the member concerned is entitled to apply in accordance with Regulation 26 to have the decision reviewed by an Appeal Board appointed under Regulation 25 and in that case the provisions of the 1989 Regulations relating to the hearing and determination by an Appeal Board of the application apply.