Disability Act 2005

Codes of practice.

30.—(1) The Minister may request the National Disability Authority (“the Authority”) to prepare and submit to him or her draft codes of practice for public bodies relating to the matters referred to in sections 26 to 29 .

(2) In preparing a draft code of practice under subsection (1), the Authority shall consult with such other Ministers of the Government or other persons or bodies as the Authority considers appropriate or as the Minister may direct.

(3) The Minister may approve, refuse to approve or, after consultation with the Authority, amend a draft code of practice.

(4) If the Minister approves, or after the consultation aforesaid, amends a draft code of practice, he or she may by order declare that the draft or, as the case may be, the draft code of practice as amended as aforesaid is an approved code of practice for the purposes of this Act (“an approved code of practice”).

(5) The Minister may, after consultation with the Authority, by order revoke or amend an approved code of practice.

(6) Compliance by a public body with an approved code of practice shall be deemed to be compliance with the relevant provision of this Act.