Residential Tenancies Act 2004

Reports and information to Minister.

180.—(1) The Board shall, not later than 30 June in each year subsequent to the year in which the establishment day falls, make a report to the Minister (in this section referred to as the “annual report”) in such form as the Minister any approve, on the performance of its functions and activities during the preceding year and the Minister shall cause copies of each annual report to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.

(2) Each annual report shall include information in such form and regarding such matters as the Minister may direct.

(3) The Board may, from time to time, make such other reports to the Minister relating to its functions as it thinks fit and shall, whenever so requested by the Minister, supply to the Minister such information, in addition to that provided in its annual report, regarding the performance of its functions as the Minister may from time to time require.

(4) The Board may publish such other reports on matters related to its activities and functions as it may from time to time consider relevant and appropriate.