Residential Tenancies Act 2004

Chapter 3

Updating of register and enforcement of requirement to register

Updating of particulars entered in the register.

139.—(1) Within 1 month from an alteration of the rent payable under a tenancy registered in the register taking effect, the landlord under the tenancy shall furnish to the Board the information mentioned in subsection (2) in the prescribed form.

(2) That information is—

(a) the amount of that rent as it stands altered and the date from which that alteration took effect, and

(b) so far as any of the other matters in respect of which particulars were entered in the register in respect of the tenancy have changed in any material respect since, as appropriate—

(i) the tenancy was registered in the register, or

(ii) information in respect of them was last previously furnished to the Board under subsection (1),

particulars in respect of those other matters as they stand at the date of this furnishing of information under subsection (1).

(3) No fee shall be payable in respect of the furnishing to the Board of the information mentioned in this section.

(4) The Board, as soon as may be after receipt of the information mentioned in this section, shall amend the relevant particulars in the register with respect to the tenancy concerned.