Health (Amendment) Act 2004

Amendment of section 14 of Act of 1996.

13.—Section 14 of the Act of 1996 is amended by—

(a) the substitution, in subsection (2), of “Minister” for “health board”,

(b) the substitution, in subsection (3), of “Minister” for “health board with the consent of the Minister”, and

(c) the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (5):

“(5) The appointment pursuant to a recommendation by the Local Appointments Commissioners and the removal of a chief executive officer in accordance with this section shall be a function of the Minister.”,

and the said subsections (2) and (3) as so amended are set out in the Table to this section.


(2) A person appointed as chief executive officer after the commencement of this section shall hold office under a contract of service in writing with the Minister upon such terms and conditions (including terms and conditions relating to remuneration and expenses) as may be determined by the Minister with the consent of the Minister for Finance and specified in the contract.

(3) A chief executive officer to whom this section applies may be removed from office by the Minister in accordance with the terms and conditions of his or her contract of service.