Private Security Services Act 2004


51.—(1) The Minister may by regulations make such incidental or consequential provision as he or she considers necessary or expedient for the purposes of giving this Act full effect.

(2) The Authority, with the consent of the Minister, may by regulations provide for any matter referred to in this Act as prescribed and for—

(a) the categories of licences which may be issued by the Authority,

(b) the procedures governing—

(i) the grant and renewal of licences (including time limits in respect thereof),

(ii) the surrender of licences and identity cards, and

(iii) the processing of complaints under section 39 ,

(c) the form of licences and identity cards,

(d) the standards to be observed in the provision of security services by licensees or particular categories of licensees,

(e) the qualifications for licences,

(f) the records to be kept and the information and returns to be furnished by licensees, and

(g) different fees, or exemptions from the payment of fees, or waiving, remitting or refunding fees (in whole or in part), in different circumstances or classes of circumstances or in different cases or classes of cases.

(3) The Authority shall submit a draft of any proposed regulations to the Minister for his or her consideration.