Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003

Section 20 : supplemental provisions.

21.—(1) The assessors shall make their assessment by reference to the information, records or other documents required or authorised by this Act to be furnished to them; no hearing shall be conducted by them for that purpose.

(2) The assessors may also have regard, for that purpose, to relevant information, records or documents that came, before the commencement of this section, into the possession of the board known as the “Interim Personal Injuries Assessment Board” established on 27 November 2002 by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

(3) If the assessment is an assessment of a relevant claim relating to a proposed action for damages under section 48 of the Act of 1961 the assessment shall specify the proportion of the amount of damages it provides for to which each of the dependants concerned is to be entitled.

(4) An assessment shall not, in respect of the damages which it provides for, specify that they shall be paid in 2 or more instalments.