Finance Act 2003

Charging and rates.

75.—(1) In addition to any other duty which may be chargeable, and subject to the provisions of this Chapter and any regulations made under it, a duty of excise, to be known as alcohol products tax, shall be charged, levied and paid at the rates specified in Schedule 2 on all alcohol products—

(a) produced in the State, or

(b) imported into the State.

(2) In the case of spirits produced in the State by a process of distillation, where the quantity of spirits produced by such a process cannot be otherwise determined to the satisfaction of an officer, the Commissioners may charge alcohol products tax on the quantity of alcohol capable of being produced from the wort or wash used in such process, on the assumption that one litre of alcohol is produced for every 8.8 degrees of attenuation, that is to say, for every 8.8 degrees of difference between the highest gravity of the wort and the lowest gravity of the wash before distillation.