Protection of the Environment Act 2003

Amendment of section 72 of Act of 1996.

50.—Section 72 (inserted by the Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 ) of the Act of 1996 is amended by inserting the following subsections after subsection (4):

“(4A) Where any amount of levy becomes payable in accordance with regulations made under this section and is not paid, simple interest on the amount shall be paid by the person liable to pay the levy and such interest shall be calculated from the date on which the levy became payable and at a rate of 0.0322 per cent for each day or part of a day during which the amount remains unpaid.

(4B) Interest due in accordance with subsection (4A) shall be payable to the collection authority specified in the regulations under subsection (2) and the provisions of those regulations relating to the recovery of the levy shall apply to the interest as if it were levy.

(4C) For the purposes of subsection (4A), levy includes any estimated amount which has been included in a notice served by a collection authority on the person liable to pay the levy concerned provided such estimated amount has, in accordance with regulations under subsection (2), become due and payable to the collection authority.

(4D) Interest paid in accordance with subsection (4A) shall be treated as levy for the purposes of paragraph (l) of subsection (6) and section 74(7).

(4E) The Minister may be order amend the rate of interest specified in subsection (4A).”.